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Welcome 10/24/2009
Welcome to my blog about translation agency, where I will write interesting things about translation agency, translation, translator, writing .... I am working in translation field and thus I can write many useful things that maybe be of interest to someone from this area. Working in a translation office can bring great experience and it may also be more fun than other jobs. But of course this also depends on translation agency, customers, ...
Normal 0 In this era of specialization, it sometimes makes sense, even for a translation agency to specialize. This can be done for example with the field, by specializing in a specific area, such as medical translation. Another possibility is to specialize with respect to the target language of translation. It makes much sense in concentrating on the English language, i.e. to have an English translation agency, as the English is spoken by many people and is also very important in the economy, especially at international level.
First Post! 10/24/2009
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